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Welcome to Praedium

Your premier property management company in the heart of Skopje!

We understand that finding the perfect office space is crucial for your business success.
That’s why we have curated an extensive portfolio containing a wide variety of commercial properties.

Who we are

As an integral member of Hut4 Capital company, we take immense pride in our role of catering to the real estate demands of businesses since our establishment in 2019.

Our area of expertise lies in investing, constructing, overseeing, and leasing office spaces, and we are committed to delivering exceptional solutions for all your commercial property needs. Whether you represent a budding startup, a flourishing enterprise, or a well-established corporation, we have the perfect workspace ready and waiting to accommodate your aspirations.

Our Places

What distinguishes us is the ability to identify and meet your business needs by aligning them with the ideal office space that resonates with your vision. Our portfolio boasts a wide array of properties, ranging from contemporary and sophisticated interior designs to open-plan and collaborative spaces, catering to different industries and company sizes.

free space office - Praedium

Free space

Modern studio space with ample natural light and minimalist design

Clip Media

Featured image showcasing BtoBet's office


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Qinshift's academy inside

Qinshift Academy

Qinshift's offices inside

Qinshift Accelerator

seavus's office


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