Our commitment

image featuring the commitment

One of our core values is dedication to responsible property and environmental management. We incorporate that by implementing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly practices across all our properties.

Green spaces

  • We acquire, preserve and maintain sizeable green spaces and areas – 8,000m2 .
  • We prioritize a balanced ratio of urban development to green area.

Cooling systems

  • Our heating and cooling systems are designed to be efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • By implementing these systems, we create comfortable and sustainable eco-friendly workspaces.

Well irrigation

  • We sustainably manage water resources by implementing irrigation wells.
  • We responsibly distribute water to our properties while minimizing the strain on local water sources.

By choosing Praedium you align your business with a socially responsible company, to which sustainability is one of the major priorities.

We perceive it as a strict guideline that turns good practices into positive environmental impact.

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